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Quantum Resistant Blockchain, IlCoin, Resumes Trading on the FUBT Exchange

Reading Time: 2 minutes by on March 12, 2019 Press Releases
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IlCoin (ILC) has resumed trading on the FUBT exchange following a brief trading hiatus during the update of its source code.

IlCoin initially stopped trading its crypto on FUBT and other exchanges to implement an upgrade to a quantum resistant blockchain. After the successful fork, the company presented several exchanges with the new and improved IlCoin cryptocurrency.

Although it’s frequently an arduous process to resume trading cryptocurrencies on exchanges, FUBT quickly re-integrated the project’s new implementation, once again giving traders the ability to trade IlCoin on the exchange.

IlCoin, the Quantum Resistant Blockchain

At the time of its inception, in 2015, IlCoin was the 80th cryptocurrency ever created. The IlCoin team is creating and nurturing a new global economic system and believes strongly in sustainable technology. Moreover, the team is deeply committed to developing an alternative cryptocurrency backed by superior technical knowledge.

What has started as an alternative to Bitcoin (BTC), today has built its own unique blockchain network. Developing a quantum resistant SHA-256 Command Chain Protocol (C2P) technology, the IlCoin has effectively future-proofed itself against the impending threats of quantum computing. This is a much-needed improvement to the current consensus protocols on the market and ensures that IlCoin is not susceptible to a malicious 3rd-party 51% attack.

What’s more, users can store IlCoin in native wallets built for a variety of platforms, including cloud-based and on-premises applications for Android, OSX, and PC.

Furthermore, IlCoin is easily transferable at exceptionally low fees and users can check on their IlCoin transactions within the company’s block explorer. In the near future, the company will be issuing IlCoin smart contracts, making IlCoin the first blockchain using SHA-256 technology to bring smart contracts to the market.

Currently, there are about 1 billion out of 2.5 billion IlCoins in circulation, and the cryptocurrency is actively traded on a variety of crypto exchanges.

Trading IlCoin on FUBT

The FUBT exchange is an ideal partner for IlCoin. Based in Hong-Kong, the exchange advocates for rational investment and has an eye on rapid international expansion.

Boasting daily trading volumes of over $200,000,000, FUBT aims to harness the value of top-tier digital assets while embracing the intersection of tech, finance, and industry to bolster the growth of blockchain-based applications.

IlCoin has Ambitious Goals Beyond resuming trading on FUBT

More than 10 major cryptocurrency exchanges are listing or resuming trading of IlCoin’s. Popular players like IDAX, Dobi, and Bitker have already integrated IlCoin into their offering.

With a truly sustainable technical offering and a forward-thinking leadership team, IlCoin is poised to gain its market share within the global cryptocurrency ecosystem. The company’s roadmap below demonstrates its commitment to a long-term and sustainable approach.

To learn more about IlCoin and to keep up-to-date with new developments and exchange listings, you can check out the company’s website or join its Telegram community.



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