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Russan Commisioner Requests Extradition of Former BTC-e Exchange Owner Back to Russia

Reading Time: 2 minutes by on February 27, 2019 Development, News
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Tatyana Moskalkova, the commissioner for Human Rights in Russia, has issued a letter to Michalis Kalogir, Minister of Justice, Transparency and Human Rights of Greece, requesting for the extradition of the embattled former BTC-e crypto exchange owner, Alexander Vinnik to Russia, according to a report by Tass on February 25.


Reportedly, Tatyana Moskalkova has sent a letter to Michalis Kalogir requesting for the extradition of Alexander Vinnik to Russia on the grounds of poor health and no proper medical assistance.

Vinnick, who operated the oldest bitcoin exchange, BTC-e was allegedly involved in a crime where billions of dollars were laundered. The self-acclaimed political prisoner was detained in Greece on July 25, 2017, and on November 26, 2018, he began a hunger strike demanding to return to his homeland.

Moskalkova, on the other hand, stated that he was forced to continue the strike since there were no doctors in the clinic where he is kept under guard, to help him out of the condition without harming his health.

Commissioner Visits Vinnik in Hospital

The commissioner who had visited him in a Greek hospital last week revealed that Vinnik has agreed to end the hunger strike. The media noted that the accused has lost 30 percent of his weight and is at the verge of death.

Likewise, the health of his wife is deteriorating after she was diagnosed with brain cancer. Moskalkova emphasized that their two underaged children may become orphans if things don’t turn out for the better.

A closer look at the letter’s content shows that part of it read:

“I appeal to you, Mr. Minister, with a request to extradite Alexander Vinnik, a citizen of the Russian Federation, against whom a criminal case was opened in the Russian Federation, in a difficult marital status and state of health, to the Russian Federation for further investigation of his case.”

Commissioner Sends Letters to the Greek Ministry of Health

On the same note, letters were forwarded to Peter Maurer, President of the International Committee of the Red Cross, Andreas Pottakis, the Greek Ombudsman, and Andreas Santos, head of the Greek Ministry of Health.

The letters all pointed out that the accused is in dire need of medical assistance after the end of his hunger strike. Therefore, suggestions have been made that doctors in Russia or independent medical personnel such as the International Committee of the Red Cross attend to Vinnik in order to provide the medical care that will help to save his life

Alexander Vinnik has made the headlines for almost two years now, and so far, three countries, the U.S., Russia, and France have requested to detain him.

BTCManager reported on July 17, 2018, that he was extradited to France where he was sought for money laundering, and other corrupt practices carried out with the use of virtual currencies.

On September 5, 2018, BTCManager also informed that Alexander Vinnik is awaiting extradition to Greece after investigations revealed that he could be the missing link connecting the Russian money with 2016’s election meddling.

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