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Want to Save Your Bankroll? Know When to Quit Online Poker

Reading Time: 4 minutes by on April 21, 2020 Press Releases
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There is a saying that “if you don’t save your strength to fight another, you may never get the chance to redeem your image.”

Well, what it means is that while the urge to make amends and recover from a losing position is always too strong, one cannot afford to give in to it if you still harbor the hopes of trying again.

This same concept can be extended to the world of poker, where players are constantly in the habit of losing money and trying again.

We are not here to tell you to throw in the towel immediately after you lose your first round at the agen poker online omiqq website, but we are here to tell you to save your bankroll so as to give yourself a fighting chance another time.

But, of course, the biggest challenge that most poker players face is knowing when to call it a day the moment Lady Luck refuses to dine with them. Should I quit after the first loss, after a set of three losses, or maybe the best action is to exit the poker website once my overall number of losses totals ten?

Here’s all you need to know about quitting an online poker to save your bankroll. So, let’s roll!

Quit Once You’ve Reached Your Set Hand Limit

If you play online poker, the best way to save your bankroll is to set a hand limit before you even log in to the online poker site. Hand limit, in this case, means the specific number of hands you intend playing. The idea here is to shoot for a specific target so that once the target is reached, you can exit the game regardless of whether you’ve earned money or lost money.

This tip works particularly well for players with small bankrolls because it helps them to plan their playing budget before entering the casino at all. For example, before going into the game, you can set a hand limit of 200 hands. And once you reach this limit, you should hit the exit button.

Quit Once You’ve Reached Your Set Time Limit

This is a tip for players with a more robust bankroll. If you have a good-to-go bankroll, it may be too tempting for you to exit an online or live poker game, irrespective of whether you’re winning or on a losing streak. With a strong enough bankroll, you’d be tempted to continually give the game a shot even if you’re on an off day.

For these types of players, the best practice for saving their bankroll is to set a time limit. This strategy works by setting a time limit before you walk into the live, online, or land-based casinos. And once your set time is reached, you should exit the table. However, due to the pace and passion of the game, one might get distracted and forget their time limit. But to avoid this kind of situation, you should have a stopwatch or an alarm close by to alert you once your set time is reached.

Do Not Base Your Quit Time on Your Poker Results

A common practice amongst poker players is to base when they quit the game on their performance for the day. If the game is going on well, they tend to continue playing. But if they’ve recorded a few losses, they exit the game.

This is the way of gambling for most poker players. But guess what? Strategies like this will not save your bankroll!

If you’re on a winning run and you decide to continue playing hoping to exit the moment you lose your first game, you’d be surprised that when that first loss does appear, you won’t be able to exit as you’ve planned. Poker is quite addictive, no doubt. But the pressure to even recover any money lost to the house is even more addictive.

So, in order to ensure you don’t drag yourself into a mental battle with the house, just go by way of tip #1 or #2 above and don’t base your exit strategy on your daily results.

Quit Once the Sucker Leaves

This is one tip that will particularly break all the rules and tips I’ve mentioned above, but if you pay close attention to it, you’ll realize the logic in it.

Even though you’ve planned to enter the game with any of the strategies above, prepare your mind to extend your poker session beyond what you’ve planned. Yes, I know I said you should play a specific number of hands or stick with a time frame or not base your poker session on your performance.

But all of that is if there is no sucker at the table! But you’ll never know before entering the casino whether or not there is a sucker at the table. So to prepare for this, it is always good to prepare your mind for an extended session.

The moment you realize there is a loose and wild cat at the table who is clearly playing badly and tossing his money into the ocean, you should be ready to take advantage of him.

Quit When Your Tracker Tells You To

Did you know that some tools can help you analyze your hands, find your mistakes, and help you correct them against next time? For example, tools like PokerTracker and Hold’em Manager is renowned for their hand analytical abilities, telling players exactly whether they are winning or losing for every hand imaginable.

So, you can use these tools to determine whether you’re really on a bad day or your losses are just a one-off, and the tides will soon turn.

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