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Seven Reasons Why Welthee Can Set the Trend for Retail Investors

Reading Time: 2 minutes by on June 8, 2021 Press Releases
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Recent studies show that retail investors are having an increasing influence on markets thanks to the digitalization of finance. Events such as the Wallstreet Bets episode and the unexpected surge in the price of Dogecoin are part of a trend that some believe has been going on since 2017.

However, as online environments continue to grow in their impact on reality, the capacity to implement safer and more advanced systems for investment is just as important. Not all retail investors are well-versed in finance or are capable of making the right decisions. This is why Welthee has decided to lead the current trend with a service that helps them. 

Welthee is a new and disruptive blockchain-based investment platform that creates multiple passive income streams for its users and charges zero commission. It uses patent-pending risk mitigation algorithms to provide up to 0% risk wealth creation. Since Welthee is a non-custodial platform, all of this takes place from the user’s own digital wallet. 

This positions Welthee as a trendsetter in the financial investment industry due to seven main reasons:

1) The minimum registration sum being $50, making it accessible to everyone that wants to invest in a financially stable future.

2) It offers the possibility to invest in at least five portfolios, reinforcing one of the basic tenets of investing: diversification.

3) Investment portfolios include crypto assets as well as traditional financial assets.

4) It gives investors control over their desired financial risk percentage, going from 100% down to almost 0% risk.

5) An accessible interface keeps investors informed on the status of the investments, as well as the investment portfolios trends.

6) An oracle system based on smart contracts controls financial risk to ensure the safety of every investor’s funds through stop-loss mechanisms.

7) Welthee tokens offer access to passive income instruments, as well as fast transactions and payments in a simple and user-friendly manner.

Altogether, the Welthee ecosystem guards the safety of retail investors. In the ecosystem, they’re able to choose the sum, portfolios, and the risk percentage of their investment, while letting the system do the work for them. This kind of easy and innovative service is a “financial buddy” that could become a trend for newcomers to investing in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.

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