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Solve.Care to Host a Virtual Event to Discuss Blockchain, Healthcare, and Effects of Coronavirus

Solve.Care, a company placing healthcare on the blockchain, will participate in the Blockchain Revolution Global (BRG) 2020 virtual event on Wednesday, Oct 28. It will be co-hosted by Blockchain Research Institute, a global independent blockchain think-tank, and MCI Group—Geneva-based and the world’s largest event management company.

Panel Discussing Blockchain, COVID-19, and Healthcare

From 10 to 11 AM, a panel comprising Pradeep Goel, Dr. Hanekom, Dr. Ashraf Affan (President and Founder of Angel Kids Pediatrics), Dr. Swapna Vaidya (Director of Psychosomatic Fellowship Training at Mount Sinai St Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital) and Michael Kessel (President and Chief Executive Officer of Cleveland Clinic Canada), discussing Healthcare in the Post-COVID era, and the Role Blockchain Can Play, will be moderated by Jefferson Nunn of BTCManager.

In the 1-hour session, the panel will discuss the role of blockchain in healthcare, the impact of COVID, and how its state post-COVID. The coronavirus pandemic has proven a challenge for governments, deeply testing healthcare systems in various countries.

Coronavirus has claimed lives around the world. Its impact is pronounced in the United States where hundreds of thousands of lives have been lost.

Using Blockchain to Managed the Coronavirus Pandemic

Solve.Care is an established firm that has been awarded for re-defining healthcare access and administration using blockchain during the 2020 Enterprise Blockchain Awards in August.

The virtual event rewarded standout innovators, advocates, and researchers who help propel the use of blockchain. Solve.Care is recognized for its efforts of rolling out dynamic solutions solving pressing issues faced by healthcare professionals in the coronavirus pandemic.

As governments around the world race to curb its spread, blockchain technology is now being leveraged in several countries including South Korea and some provinces in China.

BTCManager reported on how Macau and the Guangdong Province in China are using blockchain technology for information sharing without violating the privacy laws of users.

The system has been effective in allowing free movement of people, estimated to be upwards of 17 million, between Macau and the Guangdong Province in China.

Similarly, Jeju Island in South Korea has a partnership with ICON through which a tracing app has been built to check out the spread of the virus and institute control measures.

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