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Voting Room with Blockchain Technology Curtain

South Australian Government to Use Blockchain Technology to Conduct Elections

Reading Time: 2 minutes by on February 19, 2019 Adoption, Blockchain, News, Tech
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According to Micky News, an Australian News outlet, a blockchain-based voting system will be used by the South Australian Government in an official election conducted soon.

Integrating a blockchain-based voting system

On February 18, 2019, Horizon State CEO Nimo Naamani confirmed that the South Australian Government would be using the company’s blockchain-based voting system technology to conduct an official election.

Micky News has also confirmed that the blockchain company has been contracted by the South Australia Government to provide the technology and support for the blockchain-based election. Horizon is a startup that developed a blockchain-based voting system designed to empower collectivity and decentralization.

Naamani told the news agency:

“This is [an] exciting first government use of our tech in Australia and a great way to validate the blockchain use for this purpose. This is also a complex vote – being preferential with reserved seats, and a large cohort of candidates to choose from.”

In 2018, Horizon State has worked hard to present and introduce its technology to potential clients and has made significant advancements leading to blockchain voting adoption.

The South Australian State Government will be using blockchain technology to elect five people for the state’s Recreational Fishing Advisory Council. At the moment, the blockchain voting technology has already been integrated into the state’s official online polling website.

The Minister for Primary Industries, Tim Whetstone, expressed his satisfaction thusly:

“The Marshall Liberal Government has been committed to an open, transparent process in establishing a new representative body for recreational fishers in South Australia. For the first time in South Australian Government history, the election will be conducted using Blockchain technology.”

Horizon State Working with other Governments

Since 2018, Horizon State has been working with the Democratic Party of India who is using the technology to consult Indian citizens before determining its policy positions. Horizon has also started working with New Zealand’s Opportunity Party who is also using the company’s blockchain voting system to conduct an election to form new leadership.

According to the report, the South Australian Government is betting on becoming the “blockchain capital of the country” according to Steven Marshall, South Australia’s premier. The South Australian Government has already supported some blockchain-based initiatives and the development of a “blockchain hive,” in October 2018. Now, the South Australian Government is collaborating with the Australian Davos Connection Forum which will be hosting an international Blockchain Summit in Adelaide.

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