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Spells of Genesis Introduces New Cards and In-game Currency

Reading Time: 2 minutes by on January 2, 2016 Entertainment, News

Spells of Genesis, the first blockchain technology-based mobile card trading arcade game developed by EverdreamSoft, has announced a series of new partner cards and limited versions of blockchain cards including SGDARKNESS, CARDAUGUR, and BCYDRAGON.

Spells of tumblr_inline_nzghu365NZ1t44dvb_400Genesis trading cards are distributed using a unique system which supports three asset types: partner, premium and public. These cards are all distributed via the automated Swapbot trading card vending machine where players purchase blockchain-based cards using a Counterparty-compatible bitcoin wallet.

Upon the launch of these new cards, Spells of Genesis players can visit the Swapbot web platform to purchase them at different rates depending on demand and scarcity. BCYDRAGON, one of the newly introduced cards, for example, is issued in a limited supply of 300 units and is being distributed throughthe Premium Store. Due to its increasing demand and its limited supply, the BCYDRAGON card is selling at 2,600 BitCrystals (BCY) or $77.43 USD.

Over the next few months, the creators of Spells of Genesis are planning to issue a limited supply of cards like SGDARKNESS, which will appear in the Premium Store on January 12.

Alternative partner cards and custom designed cards such as SAPPHIRECARD, CARDAIRBITZ and CARDAUGUR are being sold at around US$34.24, significantly lower in value compared to rare assets and cards currently being offered in the Premium Store.

Along with the introduction of new asset classes, Spells of Genesis has released new beta features to improve its in-game interface and its reward systems. One of the features upgraded in this beta version is the spells system, which allows users to cast a certain spell per match. The ability of each spell differs from the type of cards.

“The spells vary a lot. A spell is activated by tapping on the character’s portrait at the bottom of the screen. A spell can, for example, destroy the nearest enemy, or heal oneself and allies,” explained the the EverdreamSoft team.


As a part of its improvement in the game’s rewards systems, the Spells of Genesis development team has also launched a new in-game currency called Elemental Crystal, which will be one of the two in-game currencies available to reward users for various achievements.

Since its successful crowdsale in September, the Spells of Genesis team has focused on the implementation of blockchain technology, taking advantage of its irrefutable and unalterable ledger which allows players and the game to record in-game data without the need for third-party institutions and applications.

The next milestone for the mobile game is scheduled for February 2016. Until then, Spells of Genesis aims to launch new trading cards while continuing the development of blockchain-based technologies to enhance user experience.

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