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Stamps Platform Presents an Inventive Approach to ICOs

Stamps Platform Presents an Inventive Approach to ICOs

Reading Time: 3 minutes by on January 2, 2018 ICO/IEO

The Initial Coin Offering (ICO) has become the most potential choice of almost every business. Though, we have seen several companies raises funds through ICO, here we present yet another innovative startup that has something different and creative to offer to the ICO industry.

The Stamps Platform

Stamps Platform is transforming the traditional equity fundraising method using blockchain technology wherein venture capitalists, business loans, seed funding will be replaced by crypto tokens. Accordingly, businesses can issue equity in the form of tradable tokens and users can purchase them, represent an ownership stake of the company.

The Stamps platform is integrated with Soferox dual-chain infrastructure to simplify the token issuing process. Soferox is a Proof of Pact system, featuring two distinct blockchains to process two sets of data. One blockchain comprises of transactional data and is permanent whereas the second one involves rules to regulate transaction chains that can be amended by the network users. Stamps can push updates and alterations without having to worry about forking using the dual-chain.

The Facts and the Solution

Often banks deny loans, but the equity ICO model of the Stamps platform eliminates the geographical boundaries on a global level. The Stamps platform provide a safe, transparent and inexpensive way to represent ownership of a share in their company. Such equities work as securities which generate dividends and voting rights.

The platform is similar to airdrop model wherein issuer retains a specific portion of equity tokens and the rest of the tokens are gifted to STAMP coin holders. Later on, businesses can gain the prerequisite funds by liquidating part of their retained tokens.

There is no risk for the issuer; in case the market fails to perform as expected, tokens will be returned to the issuer.

On the contrary, token holders claim the legal ownership of the issuing business along with bitcoin dividends, acquisition payouts, equity stakes, voting rights and other privileges. Tokens that are issued by organizations are gifts to stakeholder and are not a sale of equity instruments.

The Stamps Wallet and Token

The cryptocurrency wallet of the Stamps platform features secure storing of STAMP coins and other equity tokens as well. The Stamps wallet is built with a more natural interface and displays a pie chart with a weighted summary of all the holdings along with a news feed and notification system.

The Stamps platform secures the token ownership by asymmetric-key cryptography where the token funds are protected from the secret private key that is known only to the respective user. Unless the token holder provides his signature, the transaction will not be completed.

Though individual funds are accessible by users alone, the network as a whole run by all participants and the transactions/blocks are performed as per the network’s rule. Thereby the transactions by a single user will not be confirmed until all members of the system approve it.

The Crowdsale

The platform is commencing its ICO in February 2018 by releasing a total of 210 million STAMP all through Pre-ICO and ICO. During its ICO event, the tokens are available at the rate of 1 ETH to 1000 STAMP.

The Pre-ICO will run from January 20, 2018, until February 03, 2018.

The actual ICO commences February 5, 2018, and concludes April 04, 2018.

Token Tag: STAMP

Distribution of Funds: The total tokens will be distributing in six streams; 70 percent for Pre-ICO and ICO, 10 percent for core team members, five percent toward additional team members, five percent for strategic advisors, three percent for promotional bounties and seven percent for marketing.

Why Stamps Platform?

The Stamps platform provides a new investment concept and seems a profitable alternative to the traditional ICO model. By issuing tokens through the Stamps platform, organizations can benefit in several ways including; access to the equity management system, expert advisors, and directly communication with the STAMP community of enthusiasts. Also, the platform assures legal compliance which facilitates the smooth running of any token operation from issuance to trading at exchanges.

There is now has a smarter approach with the advent of the Stamps platform where diverse businesses including real estate, IT, restaurants and more can make their presence known in the form of equity tokens presented by STAMP.

To find out more about the Stamps Platform ICO, you can read their whitepaper.

Disclaimer. BTCManager does not endorse any content or product on this page. While we aim at providing you all important information that we could obtain, readers should do their own research before taking any actions related to the company and carry full responsibility for their decisions, nor this article can be considered as investment advice.

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