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InPay Orchestrates First Waves Platform and Ethereum Classic Based Project

Reading Time: 2 minutes by on July 12, 2017 ICO/IEO
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In an effort to foster greater versatility, stability and user friendliness in the cryptocurrency world, startup firm InPay has unleashed a feature allowing for dual-track utilization of both the Ethereum Classic and Waves platforms.

Dovetailing off of a robust set of advantages such as an immutable blockchain, a large and rapidly growing community, and fast and cheap transactions, InPay holders will now have the ability to directly tap into Ethereum Classic’s completely decentralized infrastructure, smart contracts and dapps. Users therefore will be able to take advantage of many of the features on the (Ethereum) platform including its large stash of mining power.

Additionally, the Waves platform will provide InPay holders with the option to convert  tokens into fiat – taking advantage of the decentralised exchange built into the client – thus making the addition of assets to the wallet easy.

This announcement aligns with Waves’ own efforts to scale massively, to many thousands of transactions per minute, and still transfer tokens rapidly and securely. Says Waves CEO Sasha Ivanov: “This is a typical bottleneck for blockchains, and Waves has found some innovative ways around the problems. This is necessary for mass adoption, otherwise it simply will not be possible for a large number people to use any blockchain platform.”  

At present, InPay is still the sole asset on ETC’s platform. Among the features offered by InPay include a voting system for token holders, allowing them to directly participate in the project’s development and future strategic direction. The objective here is to avoid the pitfalls that have befallen many crypto projects due to poor cohesion in its decision making structure.

InPay also provides an alias system providing ease to beginners in cryptocurrencies who might find themselves intimidated and confused by long wallet addresses. These short and memorable alias’ can be valuable for both everyday user wallets as well as crowdfunding campaigns.

The InPay Explorer has several features for transactions, addresses, aliases, proposals and exchanges. It has also curated a web-based wallet to steer around issues around having to download the whole blockchain and sometimes less free hard drive space as was common with several other platforms.

InPay’s genesis began back in in October 2016 on the heels of InceptionCoin genesis block that was mined in June of the same year. It’s currently listed on several exchanges including EmpoEX, Yobit and Cryptopia.

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