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StellarX, Decentralized Trading Platform Launches with Promise to Enable Users Trade all Asset Classes

StellarX, Decentralized Trading Platform Launches with Promise to Enable Users Trade all Asset Classes

Reading Time: 2 minutes by on July 8, 2018 Altcoins, Bitcoin, Blockchain, Development, Exchange, News
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StellarX – A revolutionary new decentralized trading platform which enables users to trade every asset class on the market was launched on July 5, 2018. The announcement revealed that in addition to crypto and fiat listings, users would also be able to trade bonds, commodities, and many more asset classes interchangeably and instantaneously.

Decentralized High-Speed Trades

Built on the order book framework of Stellar, StellarX makes use of the extensive interconnection and settlement capacity of its predecessor to execute vast numbers of trades almost instantaneously and at little cost. StellarX is also entirely free for users because Stellar’s transaction fees make it possible for the company to cover these costs without transferring them to users.

Because it is built on Stellar’s order book, there are no middlemen involved in the trading process, which means there are no cuts or commissions to be paid. This makes StellarX one of the very few platforms that are genuinely peer-to-peer, at a time when many platforms overstate their DEX credentials.


(Source: Medium)

StellarX describes itself as a “user-friendly way to trade all types of assets  cheaply and quickly while maintaining sole control of your keys.” Its users can trade fiat, crypto, bonds, credit notes, and just about any asset class on the platform with total interconnectivity.

Thus, it is possible to trade everything from national bonds to Brazilian Real to Bitcoin Cash, and have all these trades settled in a matter of seconds at no cost whatsoever.

Built by a team of developers with experience constructing popular non-blockchain platforms like Kickstarter, Headspace, and OkCupid, StellarX has a responsive and intuitive user interface which permits users to trade directly from their wallets and deposit or redeem off-chain assets such as fiat or tokens. The platform also provides a trustless key management service.

What’s in it for Users?

StellarX gives users access to Stellar’s universal marketplace, which is a relatively intact and promising investment ecosystem for traders looking for raw and underexplored opportunities. Approximately 50 new asset tokens are added to the books every week including fiat tethers, securities, cryptos, and commodities. StellarX also distributes Stellar’s automatic one percent APR inflation among its users via weekly airdrops.

Designed to aid investment in any asset, the platform enables arbitrary extensions of the “tether” idea, which means that users can digitally invest in any off-chain asset such as oil futures, BTC or iTunes gift cards – and the platform itself will be responsible for taking care of redemption and compliance. In so doing, the platform brings together otherwise disparate and distant economies into a single marketplace. According to the launch announcement, its founding principle is to be the most diverse and the open market on earth.

Most notably of all, StellarX does not make use of the proof-of-work (PoW) hashing protocol, which has all sorts of implications for its environmental impact and energy efficiency. Currently, the platform is not open for public use yet, but users can request an invite by going to the official website.

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