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# AEON News

June 4, 2018 by at Altcoins, Commentary, Mining, News
After an extended period of uncertainty, AEON has forked following the lead of Monero to nullify ASIC miners from the network on June 3. A Long Road The smaller, and more agile, project, however, did face some nerve-wracking moments, with some miners expressing concern about the profitability. AEON aims to...
January 27, 2018 by at Altcoins, Commentary, News
AEON, the private altcoin based on the CryptoNight-Lite protocol, looks almost set to make the switchover to Monero’s codebase, which has been anticipated for many months by the community. The announcement was made by AEON and monero developer smooth on January 23. AEON has not yet upgraded to Monero’s codebase,...
November 24, 2017 by at Altcoins, Mining, News
November 20 witnessed the release of a new miner allows you to mine both aeon and  monero (XMR), two altcoins based on the Cryptonote protocol. The XMR-Stak 2.0.0 update makes it easier for users to become accustomed to the two privacy-focused altcoins and ‘kill two birds with one stone.’ The...
September 27, 2017 by at Altcoins, News, Price Analysis
Cryptocurrency markets made a comeback on September 27 and demonstrated strong gains across the board. One of the strongest performers was AEON, which is based on the CryptoNote protocol. AEON is sometimes referred to as ‘Monero’s Litecoin.’ This is in reference to its use as a testbed for ideas and...
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