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February 19-20, 2019

# agritech News

Announced on May 3, IOHK has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Ethiopian government to onboard local developers to leverage Cardano’s blockchain platform and develop the AgriTech sector. Ethiopia is Fertile Land for Blockchain Tech The world’s most populous landlocked country Ethiopia has jumped on the blockchain bandwagon to...
July 23, 2017 by at Blockchain, News, Tech
Colorado-based technology company Bext360 announced the creation of its first supply chain solution. The platform is called bextmachine and has been developed specifically for the global coffee supply chain. The announcement was made at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) during a TechCrunch event focusing on robotics on July 17....
April 12, 2017 by at Blockchain, Finance, News, Tech
When people think of commodities, usually Coffee is not one of the first to come to mind. However, being the second most traded commodity following petroleum, over 125 million people rely on coffee beans as their primary source of income. Blockchain technology is offering these farmers a way to a...
March 9, 2017 by at Blockchain, Business, News, Tech
A report outlining the 'Roadmap for Blockchain Standards,' has been published by Standards Australia in March, to support the development blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT) and to clarify international standards. Australia’s non-governmental body is in charge of managing the Secretariat of an international technical committee for the development of...
December 29, 2016 by at Bitcoin, Business, News, Tech
The Blockchain is rapidly becoming one of the most used technologies in the world of finance. The largest financial groups are finally recognizing its potential. With the focus on the Blockchain growing at full steam, this technology is now driving collaboration across industries seeking to adapt it for private systems....
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