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# Airdrops News

Bithumb, one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in South East Asia and Korea in particular, has announced a ‘Super Airdrop Festival’ that any registered trader can participate in. In a Twitter post published November 12, 2018, the company said that the highlight of the event is a giveaway involving 15...
Any new cryptocurrency project has two primary options at its disposal when it comes to distributing tokens. One is to conduct an ICO in which digital token is sold to public investors, and the other involves hosting an airdrop for the crypto community. Undertaking an ICO is both, expensive and time-consuming....
Demian Brener, co-founder, and CEO of Zeppelin has given views on blockchain immutability and the ability to update smart contracts over time. Speaking at the Unconfirmed podcast hosted by Laura Shin as a guest, he expressed the need to have an upgradeable, immutable blockchain. He also shared some impressive views...
Blockchain projects are continuously announcing giveaways which include a lot of free tokens. While it appears a clever marketing strategy, some wonder whether this new approach is actually legal. Preference to ICOs Airdropping in 2018 is the equivalent of initial coin offerings (ICOs) in 2017. Instead of selling the tokens,...
March 29, 2018 by at Press Releases
Eticket4 announces an amusing airdrop campaign before the completion of their ICO. Each participant will receive a guaranteed reward of 20 ET4 tokens. Eticket4, an international p2p-marketplace for buying and selling tickets for sports, music, theater and other events to secondary market participants, announces Airdrop campaign. The Eticket4 token generation...
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