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Similar to traditional financial ecosystem where strict guidelines govern the way new fiat currencies are minted by central banks, the decentralized world of blockchain-based cryptocurrencies have several consensus algorithms (proof-of-work (PoW), proof-of-stake (PoS), delegated-proof-of-stake (DPoS), and others which leverage different principles to mint new coins, secure a distributed ledger and...
Compared to just a year ago, The Wall Street Journal reports on March 31, 2019, that ICOs are raising 58 times less money due to tighter restrictions and unprofitable token launches. No Longer Profitable? Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) have been a bit of a mixed bag in the crypto space....
The price of bitcoin managed to maintain above the critical $4,000 mark and closed the week two percent higher at a touch over $4,100 per coin. The Bitcoin market remained firm despite the news that the SEC has decided to delay its approval or rejection decision of the Bitwise and...
In this article, BTCManager will go through the information contained in a Lightning Network invoice and do a quick recap of how to create an invoice using Bitcoin’s Lightning Network. Lightning Network Invoices Being able to create invoices on the Lightning Network is a novelty that was only recently made...
Top ten cryptocurrencies are all in green for the 24-hour period with EOS and Cardano (ADA) being the top gainers.Total market cap increased by $1 billion since March 25 and now stands at $141.2 billion. At the time of writing bitcoin (BTC) is trading at $4,047, while ether (ETH) stays...
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