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Blockchain Life 2019  •  

# Amazon News

The term “web 3.0” has been making rounds in the Internet community for quite a while. Many paint the picture of web 3.0 as the next phase of the Internet which will take the world by storm. Understanding this buzzword is a lot easier compared to other Internet phenomena like...
January 24, 2019 by at News
According to a Fortune report published on January 23, 2019, blockchain-based startup, Kadena has released a new free-to-use version of the technology on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Reportedly, this new version of blockchain is completely tamper-proof and can run across multiple computer systems. Kadena to Offer Superior Blockchain Alternative Blockchain...
According to an article by TechCrunch, published November 28, 2018, Amazon Web Services announced its entry into the world of blockchain technology at the AWS Invent event, where it unveiled two new services called Amazon Quantum Ledger Database (QLDB), and Managed Blockchain. Centralized Blockchain Popular Among Corporations Unveiled at the...
According to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, the Jeff Bezos-led Amazon has won two patents related to cryptography and leveraging the DLT storage functionality. The two patents were published online, November 13, 2018. First Patent Suggests Own Tweaks to Merkle Tree Structure The first patent document, filed on April...
November 9, 2018 by at Blockchain, Business, Ethereum, News, Platform
Kaleido, a startup that helps enterprises implement blockchain technology, has launched a new full-stack Ethereum marketplace platform in collaboration with ConsenSys and Amazon Web Services, the company announced in a press release on November 8, 2018. Kaleido Blockchain Marketplace with Plug-and-Play Services and Partnership Program Kaleido has announced the launch...
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