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# Apple News

Facebook is actively seeking collaborators and funding for its cryptocurrency venture, now known to be “Project Libra,” which is more commonly referred to as FacebookCoin. This according to the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), and Gizmodo, May 02, 2019. Project Libra According to sources close to the matter at WSJ, Facebook...
May 1, 2019 by at Business, Finance, News, Tech
It is hard to deny the power and influence of Apple, a tech giant that has previously reached a trillion dollars in market capitalization. Apple is also considered the most valuable brand in the world according to a recent Forbes study, hence the significance of its latest announcement on April...
Apple has recently revised its App Store guidelines and provided new rules concerning cryptocurrency apps. According to TechCrunch, a number of Apple developers recently worked together to form a group called “The Developers Union.” The Union requested Apple to offer free trial versions of their apps. It’s one of the...
September 1, 2016 by at Altcoins, Finance, News
After being integrated into Jaxx’s blockchain wallet, DASH now faces a new challenge as Apple does not approve of the cryptocurrency, allowing only bitcoin, litecoin, ether, dogecoin, ripple and DAO tokens on its app store. The announcement followed shortly afterward Jaxx announced support for Ethereum Classic, stating requests from the...
November 1, 2015 by at Business, News, Tech
On October 29, Apple announced the launch of its cryptographic libraries called corecrypto library, allowing third-party developers to improve the security measures and add additional security protocols in iOS and OS X applications. The decision of Apple to integrate new security protocols comes after the efforts of other major technology...
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