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January 10, 2019 by at Bitcoin, Blockchain, News, Tech
Crypto dusting attack, a hack on cryptocurrency wallets is used to distribute laundered money to the wallets of unsuspecting customers, which in turn, affects their reputation and draws the attention of law enforcement, reports DarkReading on January 8, 2019. A New Way of Distributing Laundered Money According to DarkReading, crypto dusting...
According to a report by ZDNet, published on December 10, 2018, cybercriminals have doubled-down on their efforts to hack into internet-exposed Ethereum wallets and mining equipment. Publicly Exposed Ports Risk Holders Wallets Per the report, cybercriminals are actively scanning for crypto equipment with port 8545 exposed online. Notably, port 8545...
Gold-backed AurumCoin is the latest cryptocurrency project to fall victim to 51 percent attack, resulting in the loss of AUD$ 15752.26, per a report by Finder on November 12, 2018. Hack Attack Results in Blame Game Shortly after the hack attack, AurumCoin’s twitter handle subtly sparked the blame game stating...
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