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# Australia News

May 22, 2019 by at Crime, Mining, News
Despite the fact that the price of bitcoin and other digital assets are just trying to recover from the winter of 2018, the crypto fever remains as hot as ever. Now, the Australian Federal Police (AFP) have charged a 33-year-old Sydney man for illegally mining cryptos with the federal government...
Zebpay CEO, Ajeet Khurana, says he doesn’t believe India would ban bitcoin despite numerous reports in the media that the government is considering a blanket cryptocurrency prohibition. Meanwhile, Khurana’s Zebpay is set to expand operations into Australia, a country currently experiencing increased cryptocurrency adoption. India Won’t Ban Bitcoin Speaking during...
On May 7, 2019, the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), Australia's primary securities exchange, announced the opening of its Customer Development Environment (CDE), a blockchain-based equity clearing and settlement platform which can be used by its customers for interacting and experimenting. ASX Joins the DLT Bandwagon Per the announcement, ASX has...
The Australian Taxation Office (ATO), on April 30, 2019, announced that they were collecting trading records from designated service providers (DSPs) to ensure that cryptocurrency traders were presenting accurate income statements and not cutting out on taxes. Cryptocurrencies: Enabler of Existing Risks for the ATO According to the press release...
In a major push for the development of blockchain skills among the working populace, the Australia Labor Party has announced that it will commit $2.1 million towards the creation of Australia’s first Blockchain Academy in Perth, ZDNet reports, May 1, 2019. Blockchain Academy to Open in Perth Australia’s opposition party,...
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