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The Blockchain Innovation & Investment Summit (BII SUMMIT)  •  
March 20, 2019

# automation News

On February 27, Bloomberg reported that Nivaura Ltd, which issued the first cryptocurrency bond, has completed the first round of funding for its’ investment market automation project. Who Are Nivaura Ltd? Nivaura Ltd is a British startup that aims to bring a digital revolution to the capital markets, with a...
Is there any truth to organizations combining AI and Blockchain or is it still a wild pipedream? With both technologies luring investors with promises of billions in annual revenues, the subject merits some research. Artificial Intelligence has a long history of being “just ten years out.” Many companies have been...
Indiana video games and virtual economies University Professor Edward Castronova published a whitepaper in 2016 about the nature of video games and the future of work. While the gaming industry is one predominantly for leisure, Castranova argued that video games will have a significant impact on the future of work...
March 15, 2018 by at Blockchain, Business, News, Tech
Only a decade since its first application, blockchain technology is already being hailed as a revolutionary development. Even though it was only originally known for powering bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, its influence has already reached the financial, trade and media sectors in full force. Now, it turns out, blockchain could...
November 30, 2016 by at Altcoins, Commentary, Ethereum, News
Artificial intelligence (AI) is destined to be more efficient than ever reachable for humans in most instances. The growing emergence of AI across many industries means that people’s jobs are under threat. Across the working spectrum, it will impact those in the blue-collar occupations such as taxi drivers factory employees...
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