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February 20, 2019 by at Adoption, Bitcoin, Blockchain, News
Blockstream a blockchain technology startup, announced the release of Musig, a test code for the proposed Schnorr-based multi-signature scheme on February 18. The MuSig scheme is a Bitcoin upgrade implementation that is focused on scalability and confidential transactions. Musig According to Andrew Poelstra, the company’s mathematician, this latest release is...
October 22, 2018 by at Bitcoin, Business, Finance, News, Platform, Tech
When Satoshi Nakamoto introduced the first version of Bitcoin, i.e., the Bitcoin 0.1 on January 9, 2009, little did he know that his white paper on peer to peer electronic cash system would be standing on the cusp of changing the way world dealt with money. Bitcoin Core Background In...
September 19, 2018 by at Altcoins, Bitcoin, Development, Mining, News
A GitHub report opened on September 17, 2018, revealed a recent bug in the Bitcoin Core versions 0.14.0 to 0.16.2. The exploit threatened to crash Bitcoin Core if the most recent version wasn’t updated. The anonymous reporter reached out to developers of the pioneer cryptocurrency with their findings, after which...
Bitcoin was the first ever cryptocurrency, and its creation paved the way for hundreds and thousands of different digital currencies. In theory, it was an ideal currency as it promised fast transaction times, low processing fees and anonymity for the two parties involved in the transaction. In reality, however, things...
April 10, 2018 by at Altcoins, Bitcoin, Commentary, News
On February 8, 2016, the cryptocurrency project Decred was launched. With the increasing number of altcoins entering the market, this was not an overly noteworthy event. However, following its entry into the cryptocurrency market, Decred was received very positively. Decred started trading at $0.95 upon launch but its value has...
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