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Tag: bitshares

What is BitShares and is it a Good Investment?

Category: Cryptocyclopedia

What is BitShares and is it a Good Investment?

The recent exuberant rally in the cryptocurrency market has brought altcoins such as ether, litecoin, and ripple into the limelight. However, there are dozens of other promising digital currencies and assets that have not only gained in substantial value in the last six months but have the potential to continue to do so over the years to come. One of…


CoinDirect’s Drive to Decentralize the Gambling Industry

Category: ICO News

CoinDirect’s Drive to Decentralize the Gambling Industry, an open source platform disintermediating the gambling industry, will use the blockchain technologies of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Bitshares to offer transparent and decentralized solution for a heavily regulated market. CoinDirect aims to help existing casino networks save millions, as their solution offers complete transparency, reducing compliance costs and the need for regular auditing. Other main advantages of the platform…


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