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After four years of operation, Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency exchange BTCC is shutting down its mining pool business, BTCC Pool Limited, the company announced on their website on November 6, 2018. Mining Company BTCC Pool Shut Down Indefinitely A major crypto exchange based in Hong Kong has announced that it will...
In an August 17, 2018, announcement, BTCChina, the oldest cryptocurrency exchange in China, has denied any affiliation with BTCC and its newly launched utility token. China's Largest Crypto Exchange Responds to Rumors Following reports that BTCChina, the longest running cryptocurrency exchange in China, had issued a utility token, the company's...
Eight months after the Chinese government placed a blanket ban on initial coin offerings (ICOs), cryptocurrency trading and bitcoin-related businesses, triggering a mass exodus of exchanges from the region, including BTCC, the firm has now re-launched operations and has hinted it would create own altcoin for users just like Binance...
January 11, 2016 by at Interviews, News, Tech
In a recent YouTube interview conducted by “The Bitcoin Report,” Bobby Lee, the CEO of BTCC, sat down to answer some questions. Topics remained centered around BTCC during the beginning, such as briefly covering the rebrand from BTC China to BTCC, the 100 nodes they donated around Christmas time, as...
December 28, 2015 by at Commentary, News, Tech
On December 25, Chinese mining giant and bitcoin exchange BTCC donated and deployed a total of 100 full bitcoin nodes across 5 continents. The move, which will have a positive impact on the bitcoin ecosystem, has been applauded by the community. But, what do these nodes mean to the network?...
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