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# Catalonia News

November 21, 2018 by at Bitcoin, News
Catalonia, an autonomous community, located in northeastern Spain may be looking to adopt distributed ledger technology (DLT) for external e-voting, to make it easier for citizens residing outside the region to participate in the electoral process, according to local news source La Vanguardia on November 19, 2018. Catalonia Seriously Considering...
October 20, 2018 by at Bitcoin, Finance, News, wallet
Catalonia, a pseudo-autonomous community and region located in the Northeastern corner of the Iberian Peninsular, has been desperately fighting for independence from Spain, especially since the 2017 referendum. According to an article published by El Confidencial, on October 18, 2018, Catalan politician and former president Carles Puigdemont, has requested for...
October 31, 2017 by at Ethereum, News
After declaring independence from Spain, Catalonia has now set its sights on developing a financial structure that would run parallel to the country. Catalan Sovereignty Following a referendum wrought with conflict and allegations that claimed the vote illegal, Catalonia declared its independence from Spain on October 27. Catalan citizens flooded...
October 4, 2017 by at Bitcoin, Commentary, News
After the clash between Spanish officials and Catalan over the weekend, the resultant rise in the price of bitcoin has left many debating whether the cryptocurrency could be used as a tool for financial liberation. The cryptocurrency gained in light of the events in Spain, serving as a safe haven...
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