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February 19-20, 2019

# central bank News

At a time when the Bank of International Settlements (BIS)  and some other pessimistic world governments have condemned blockchain technology and digital currencies citing volatility and scalability issues, this island nation has resorted to distributed ledger technology and digital currency in a bid to solve its problems. Central Bank-Backed Cryptocurrency...
June 18, 2018 by at Bitcoin, Finance, News, Regulation, Tech
Academic Saifedean Ammous recently published a book called “The Bitcoin Standard.” In it, Ammous discusses the history of money and other mediums of exchange, the relationship between economics and various aspects of society, and explores what constitutes “good” money, drawing heavily from the Austrian school of economics. Most importantly, Ammous...
A reply by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to a New Delhi-based advocate’s Right To Information (RTI) application revealed the bank did not research before placing a blanket ban on dealing with digital currency businesses in the country. RBI’s Epistemic Crisis The Economic Times reported the development on June...
South Africa is the latest country to try and classify cryptocurrencies as it looks to regulate the industry and generate income tax. According to the country's Central Bank, digital currencies such as bitcoin (BTC) are mere “cyber-tokens” that don't meet the criteria to be categorized as money. South African Cryptocurrency...
Prompted by the decline in cash usage, Norges Bank, a central financial institution of Norway, is looking forward to developing its own cryptocurrency. As per Norges Bank’s recent report, dubbed the “Central Bank Digital Currency”(CBDC), plans to act as an alternative to fiat currency to “ensure confidence in money and...
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