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Somerco Blockathon  •  
February 23-24, 2019

# CME Group News

After trying twice without succeeding, New York-based investment management firm, VanEck has joined forces with SolidX blockchain and fintech firm, in a bid to launch a crypto-powered ETF. Strike One, Bitcoin ETF According to Business Wire, VanEck asset management company has declared it will partner with SolidX blockchain technology company...
February 28, 2018 by at Altcoins, Bitcoin, Business, Finance, News
While many people who have invested in cryptocurrencies have made fortunes as a result of getting in at the right time, in traditional financial markets, there is certainly nowhere near the level of volatility as is seen with crypto on a daily basis. Revolut's Popularity Surges on Crypto Offerings Revolut...
April 15, 2017 by at Blockchain, Finance, Tech
CME Group, the world’s largest gold futures exchange in North America via COMEX, is at its final stage of blockchain testing which will allow investors to trade gold on a platform inspired by Bitcoin. In collaboration with the U.K.’s Royal Mint, CME Group plans to launch a distributed ledger-based gold...
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