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# cold storage News

The Financial Services Agency (FSA) of Japan is mandating cryptocurrency exchanges in the country to enhance security features on their cold wallet storage, Reuters reports, April 16, 2019. This directive comes as security experts warn that internally-orchestrated exchange hacks are becoming a clear and present danger. FSA Urges Greater Security...
A new report from Reuters published December 19, 2018, determined that the inability for Asian cryptocurrency exchanges and traders to insure themselves against cybercrimes like theft and hacking is also presenting fund managers with deep pockets to invest into the market. Insurance Is a Necessary Prerequisite Against Cybercrimes Since investors...
November 22, 2018 by at Altcoins, Bitcoin, Blockchain, News, Platform, Tech
Swiss cryptocurrency startup SEBA Crypto AG has announced November 22, 2018, a new partnership with Loomis International, an arm of Sweden-based Loomis Group that has been a leading global provider of logistics solutions for valuables.  Under the new partnership, both companies will collaborate to build a Tempest "Level A" Deep...
November 2, 2018 by at Bitcoin, Finance, News, Platform, wallet
Square, a financial services and mobile payment company, has open sourced the documentation, code, and tools for Subzero, an enterprise offline Bitcoin Wallet. According to Square’s blog published on October 23, 2018, Square recognized the importance of not only developing a safe and secure storage option for Bitcoin but the...
October 26, 2018 by at Altcoins, Bitcoin, News, Tech, wallet
Sony Computer Science Laboratories, an arm of Sony Corporation, announced October 23, 2018, in a press release the development of a contactless IC card with the purpose of being used as a cryptocurrency hardware wallet. Securing Cryptocurrency As cryptocurrency becomes a more popular option for wealth accumulation and storing of...
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