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On December 6, 2018, publicly listed American internet services company UnitedCorp filed a lawsuit against Bitcoin Cash proponent Roger Ver, the founder of, bitcoin mining giant Bitmain and cryptocurrency exchange Kraken for allegedly hijacking Bitcoin Cash network unlawfully for personal benefit. Questionable Action or Not? United American Corp has...
November 7, 2018 by at Cryptocyclopedia, Development, Tech
The slow yet steady development of quantum computers has brought major security fears to the forefront of the cryptocurrency sector as well as many other industries. This article explains the problem, its origin, mechanisms, and implications as well as the steps that are being taken to remedy the threat that...
While the world is continually advancing, nothing evolves as quickly as technology. From cell phones to smartphones, planes to drones; this generation has seen how quickly advancements can be made. Blockchain technology is no different. Many experts are comparing blockchain to the internet. While blockchain technology is advanced, development teams...
November 11, 2017 by at ICO News
Boosteroid team is creating a cloud platform similar to Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and announce the launch of cloud computer demo. The full service will start operating in May, 2018. The company reports that users will be able to test Boosteroid computing facilities on the official website...
October 24, 2017 by at ICO News
Boosteroid team that is creating a cloud service platform providing a convenient access to computing resources has started the first stage of the ICO. The key difference of the Boosteroid project; the service is already being built. BTR tokens sale has started on October 23, 2017 and will continue until...
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