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May 15, 2017 by at Bitcoin, Commentary, News, Tech
Bitcoin or a ‘Palestinian Pound,’ a digital currency inspired by Satoshi Nakamoto’s innovation, could potentially be used to propel the independence and financial sovereignty of Palestine, as Azzam Shawwa announced at a European Bank for Reconstruction and Development meeting over May 9-11. The unstable political and socio-economic situation in the...
April 5, 2017 by at Bitcoin, Business, News, Regulation
Bitcoin is becoming big in Japan. After Japan’s lawmakers have officially turned bitcoin into a legal payment method and have made the digital currency sales tax exempt, the price of bitcoin has rallied, and the demand for the cryptocurrency has surged in Asia’s second-largest economy. That, of course, has not...
March 7, 2017 by at Altcoins, Bitcoin, Commentary, News
Let us take a step back from the madness of the COIN ETF, the BU vs. SegWit battle, the transaction crisis and take a look at an interesting report entitled "MONEY, MONEY, MON€Y: Attitudes Toward Credit, Consumption, and Cryptocurrency" and what is driving the adoption of cryptocurrencies. To do this,...
January 31, 2017 by at Bitcoin, Commentary, Finance, News
In a brave move against Dollar hegemony, Iran has announced its intention to dump the US Dollar, possibly opening the door for a move toward Bitcoin as a reserve currency. According to PressTV, a new common foreign currency or a basket of currencies are sought by the Iranian Central Bank...
January 28, 2017 by at Bitcoin, Commentary, News
The interest in Bitcoin explodes in Africa’s biggest economy. The government cripples the regular remittance industry and remains unable to stop the devaluation of the domestic currency, the Nigerian naira. But shady investments and the famous Nigerian ‘princes’ might play a role; which is why the central bank has partially...
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