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# custodial services News

January 31, 2019 by at Bitcoin, Business, Finance, News
Fidelity Investments, a Boston-based multinational financial services corporation,  has revealed it would launch own bitcoin custodial service for institutional investors and cryptocurrency big whales in March this year, according to a Bloomberg report on January 29, 2019.   Fidelity Still Betting on Bitcoin As reported by BTCManager earlier in October...
August 10, 2018 by at Altcoins, Bitcoin, Commentary, Finance, News
On August 8, 2018, JPMorgan’s Jamie Dimon stated that more banks are considering building businesses to work with the digital currency ecosystem, seeing the emerging space of cryptocurrencies as a blind spot for major financial institutions. A new Generation of Banking Dimon has dithered on his opinion about cryptocurrencies, once...
Investment banking giant, Goldman Sachs, is looking to launch custodial services for cryptocurrency soon, according to a Bloomberg report on August 6, 2018. Goldman Sachs Vault? According to sources close to the matter, Goldman Sachs Inc., a New York-based multinational investment bank, is seriously pondering venturing into the cryptospace. If...
On July 31, 2018, Coinbase announced the hiring of the former Pershing LLC executive, Jeff Horowitz, as its chief compliance officer, to add his years of experience in the finance world to the firm and help make Coinbase Custody a reality. That same day, Ripple named former president of the...
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