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February 19-20, 2019

# cyberattack News

April 27, 2018 by at Altcoins, Blockchain, Ethereum, News
Following the discovery of a smart contract bug, BatchOverFlow, which allowed attackers to generate tokens and deposit them in a wallet freely, the Hong Kong-based exchange OKEx has halted all Ethereum ERC-20 transactions on their platform on April 25, 2018. BatchOverflow Bug Targets Smart Contracts The blockchain security startup PeckShield...
March 30, 2018 by at Bitcoin, News
Remember WannaCry? Yes, the same notorious ransomware that targeted more than 200,000 victims worldwide in May 2017. It turns out the cyber threat is back with a bang and this time the victim is none other but the aviation giant Boeing Corporation. All Hands On Deck According to reports, a...
January 18, 2018 by at Bitcoin, Commentary, Mining, News
Barely a couple of weeks after bitcoin entered the ninth year of its existence, it passed yet another significant milestone on January 13, 2018, when the number of all coins mined reached 16.8 million. Of the total 21 million bitcoins expected to be extracted in total, 80 percent have thus...
January 15, 2018 by at Bitcoin, News, Tech
Hancock Regional Hospital, just east of Indiana, has become the latest victim of a Bitcoin cyber-attack. New Attack Variants in the Digital Era According to local reporters in the county, Hancock Regional Hospital was a victim of a computer systems hack on January 12, 2018. The unknown party of attackers...
October 9, 2016 by at Ethereum, News, Tech
The Ethereum network is still struggling to deal with various DoS and transaction spam attacks that are causing delays for wallet platforms, exchanges, and users, whereby Ethereum may have to undergo another hard fork to solve the issue. Jeffrey Wilcke, Ethereum co-founder and developer, recently stated: [embed][/embed] To temper the...
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