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The Blockchain Innovation & Investment Summit (BII SUMMIT)  •  
March 20, 2019

# Cybercime News

January 15, 2018 by at Altcoins, Bitcoin, Mining, News, Tech
The University of Wisconsin System discovered three of its servers mining Bitcoin. The UW Madison news section reported, illegal crypto miners exploited three servers at UW-Madison, UW-Stout, and UW-Superior by installing Bitcoin mining malware via the Oracle WebLogic software vulnerability. The UW System schools infected server were put offline to...
January 2, 2018 by at Bitcoin, News, Regulation
South Korean Authorities are at crossroads over the decision on how to handle the approximately 216 bitcoin seized from a Korean web developer and "porn lord." Long-Standing Case The case began in April when a web developer was indicted for allegedly distributing 235,000 copies of illegal pornographic material on adult...
November 23, 2017 by at Altcoins, Blockchain, News
The treasury wallet of Tether (USDT), the cryptocurrency that is pegged to the value of the US dollar through an inflationary monetary policy, was hacked earlier this week. Nearly $31 million worth of the cryptocurrency was stolen, and consequently, the Tether development team suspended the account possessing the stolen funds...
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