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The introduction of cryptocurrency sparked much excitement in the liberty-minded community. The freedom to conduct financial transactions without government or institutional interference is viewed as a leap towards a better autonomy for individuals. Blockchain, the technology behind bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, has taken off in countless directions for applications in...
Read Part 1 of the History of Bitcoin series here. While bitcoin is the first functioning decentralized digital peer-to-peer payment system, it has several predecessors that have helped to shape its existence. It will be these forerunners that will make up our discussion in ‘The History of Bitcoin’ series. What...
March 23, 2018 by at Cryptocyclopedia
To start BTCManager’s ‘History of Bitcoin’ series, we will look at the proof-of-work algorithm Hashcash. This algorithm was used as the basis upon which a number of cryptocurrencies, most notably bitcoin, create their mining protocols. The Origin of Hashcash In 1992, researchers Cynthia Dwork and Moni Naor presented their paper...
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