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February 19-20, 2019

# Dapps News

Since the beginning of 2019, the crypto space has seen an atypical number of crypto-related searches growing. While public searches have circled around popular terms such as dApps or DAO, the community now seems to be trying to find a new narrative for the crypto-industry which is generally related to the...
According to a press release published on January 19, 2019, WISeKey International Holding Ltd. has entered into an agreement with Blockchain Research Institute (BRI) to establish interconnected “Blockchain Centers of Excellence” around the world. Geneva Annual Blockchain Congress Per the newly inked agreement, WISeKey International will launch two new blockchain...
Sirin Labs has been focused on developing a blockchain smartphone in an attempt to corner the market for cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors. On January 15, 2019, the company has opened its first retail store in London. Adjusting To Market: From Solarin to Finney Sirin Labs, an Israeli startup, has been...
When it comes to blockchain development, the community has bifurcated into assorted categories in terms of philosophy, preference, and tools. Among the various choices that companies have offered for developing and launching exclusive projects that can integrate blockchain technology, smart contracts have attained top-tier status when it comes to the...
January 15, 2019 by at Blockchain, Development, Ethereum, News, Tech
ETC Labs, an Ethereum Classic project incubator, has announced the launch of a new core development team, called ETC Core Labs (Jan 15), in a bid to instigate growth and innovation for the Ethereum Classic (ETC) blockchain ecosystem. Propelling ETC ETC Core Labs “will be focused on core Ethereum Classic...
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