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February 19-20, 2019

# darknet News

A January 18, 2019, report from Chainalysis has revealed that the amount of bitcoin spent daily on the darknet doubled in 2018 despite the crash in crypto markets. The Crypto Dealings of the Darknet Many internet users are familiar with or have at least heard of the darknet. The darknet...
Two men were indicted by a federal grand jury on the charges of illegally manufacturing and distributing alprazolam tablets, which are commonly known as Xanax, in exchange for payment through bitcoin. The duo, Ryan Farace, age 34, of Reisterstown, Maryland, and Robert Swain, age 34, of Freeland, Maryland were also...
March 19, 2018 by at Altcoins, Business, Finance, News
Coincheck, the Japanese-based cryptocurrency exchange platform is taking steps to shore up its security protocols following the devastating January crypto hack. In what is perhaps the worst hack in the history of the crypto market, hackers stole more than $550 million in NEM coins. As part of its response, the...
January 25, 2018 by at Altcoins, Business, News
Adding tenability to the emerging cryptocurrency, the largest darknet market in operation, Dream, has started accepting payment with monero. According to a thread on Reddit, the Dream darknet market enables an option for sellers to accept the payment in privacy coin monero. It is an additional payment method next to...
December 16, 2017 by at Bitcoin, News, Regulation
After the dramatic rise in BTC-USD, a stash of bitcoin seized from an opioid dealer on the dark net has climbed from a value of $500,000 to $8.5 million, with US prosecutors looking to sell the confiscated cryptocurrency to net a nice profit for the state. The dark net is...
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