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# Derivatives News

April 26, 2019 by at Bitcoin, Finance, News
Algorithmic digital asset trading company GSR announced the launch of a new cryptocurrency derivative, called a Bitcoin Variance Swap, which allows investors to hedge their cryptoasset portfolio against the volatility of bitcoin. Hedging Bitcoin Volatility Using Bitcoin Variance Swaps Hong Kong-based GSR announced in a press release that they now...
According to a Bloomberg report published April 25, 2019, Singapore-based Liquidity Offset Network, the world’s first clearinghouse for crypto derivatives could launch as early as July 2019 should it get the green-light from the Singapore Monetary Authority (SMA.) Ushering in the Era of a New Asset Class Towards the end of...
April 24, 2019 by at Bitcoin, Blockchain, Finance, News
Blockchain technology company Blockstream has revealed that it was able to successfully complete a trust-minimized forward-contract transaction on the Bitcoin blockchain. The transaction occurred on April 16 between Blockstream and Crypto Garage. The official research paper was published on April 19, 2019. An Intro to Crypto Garage Crypto Garage is...
April 19, 2019 by at Bitcoin, Business, News
BitMEX, the cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform behemoth has announced a partnership deal with Trading Technologies Inc. (TT). In a blog post published by BitMEX on April 17, 2019, the company said the partnership would create a mutually beneficial and strategic collaboration between both firms. Partnership to Give More Access to...
January 16, 2019 by at Altcoins, Business, News
On Januar 16, co-founder and CEO at Veil, Paul Fletcher-Hill, announced in a blog post that the new peer-to-peer prediction market Veil has gone live on the Ethereum Mainnet. Prediction Markets and Leveraged Crypto Trading Veil describes itself as “a peer-to-peer trading platform for prediction markets and derivatives on Augur.”...
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