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Blockchain Applied  •  
February 19-20, 2019

# disruption News

Blockchain technology is primed to take over the automotive industry in the next three years. if senior executives in the sector are to be believed, reported Times of India on December 24, 2018. Blockchain to Augment Business Processes In a joint study conducted by the IBM Institute for Business Value...
While the internet only started out as a military research project in the 1960s, it has since become the single largest computer network in the world, disseminating information, news, and entertainment at an unprecedented scale. Although skeptics called the internet a fad a mere 20 years ago, several governments, banks,...
November 29, 2016 by at Altcoins, Ethereum, News, Tech
BlockCDN, a blockchain company stationed in China, aims to provide a solution for CDNs (Content Delivery Networks) by utilizing a peer to peer approach, leveraging existing idle resources to reduce the costs of bandwidth, energy consumption, and hardware maintenance compared to a traditional CDN setting. As more information migrates online,...
July 13, 2016 by at Business, Commentary, News, Tech
Jeff Garzik, a respected developer in the Bitcoin industry and founder of Bloq, recently stated during his keynote presentation at the International Blockchain Real Estate Association Conference that the Bitcoin blockchain and real estate have a synergistic relationship. The two key elements which Garzik introduced are the resilience of the...
January 20, 2016 by at Business, Finance, News, Tech
Recently, Bitcoin has been described as the “copper of the Internet,” which operates as the foundation of peer-to-peer transactions and decentralized settlements. An increasing number of banks are embracing the technology behind Bitcoin, the distributed ledger technology to reduce banking and IT management costs which add up to billions of...
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