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The Blockchain Innovation & Investment Summit (BII SUMMIT)  •  
March 20, 2019

# DOGE News

September 13, 2018 by at Altcoins, Blockchain, Entertainment, Finance, News, Tech
Dogecoin, a top 20 altcoin inspired by a dog meme, has recently increased over 160 percent in value in the last month. According to Business Insider, Dogecoin is the only cryptocurrency token that has strong positive returns in August 2018. Dogecoin Comes Out On Top in the Crypto Market Unlike...
Hard forks have become a major topic in the cryptocurrency space in the past six to twelve months. After Bitcoin Cash (BCH) forked from the Bitcoin blockchain in August 2017, a wave of bitcoin forks hit the community and with it came substantial controversy surrounding the legitimacy of these forks....
April 1, 2017 by at Altcoins, Ethereum, Tech
Dogecoin is known for its tongue-in-cheek approach to cryptocurrency, a light-hearted and easy way for people to get involved, was inspired by a popular meme of the Shiba Inus breed of dog. Dogecoin, or DOGE, is a relatively stable altcoin, ranked number 21 with a market capitalization exceeding $36 million....
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