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Memes have steadily found their way from 4chan boards and reddit subs into the mainstream culture. Nobody expected a picture with text on it to be the preferred means of breaking the ice or communicating with someone else on the other side of the world. On closer inspection, it’s not...
The Airline and Life Networking Token (ALLN), a blockchain of aviation and tourism industry created by Huafu Enterprise Holdings Limited and announced back in April 2018, has proved to be a major success, making it an unprecedented case in Taiwan'saviation, tourism, and economic industry, the company behind the technology announced...
Outlier Ventures (OV) is a fast-growing venture capital fund focused on the rise of the Web3 economy and its marketplaces. Their portfolio ranges from blockchain technology startups to firms working with artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT). The investment thesis revolves around the convergence of all three of...
September 1, 2018 by at News
While the cryptocurrency market continues going through a wobbly phase with weak asset prices and little sense of an imminent recovery, job creation figures related to the blockchain and cryptocurrency sector across the world’s most populated continent are recording a very firm and noticeable uptrend. Across Asia, both startups and...
Despite being a remote volcanic island, the economic implications of the cryptocurrency mining sector are proving vulnerable for Iceland. Iceland' Cryptocurrency Mining Industry The countries' reliance on cryptocurrency mining is now something that “cannot be excluded as a risk factor,” says finance minister Bjarni Benediktsson, who has expressed concern that if...
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