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NEO DevCon 2019  •  
February 16-17, 2019

# EOS News

A press release dated January 30, 2019, states Platin, the Israel-based decentralized Proof-of-Location (PoL) protocol, has successfully secured investment from EOS Global’s EOS ecosystem fund. The fund is a partnership fund of’s EOS VC investment arm. Platin to Develop Their Service in the EOS Ecosystem Per the press release,...
Mythical Games, a next-generation game technology studio, EOS Lynx, Scatter and several highly-reputed distributed ledger technology (DLT) projects are set to launch an industry-wide initiative aimed at formalizing the fast-growing digital assets marketplace via the Distributed/Digital Goods standard (dGoods standard). The Need for a Robust Digital Goods Ecosystem The group...
Despite being less than seven months old,'s EOSIO blockchain protocol is already a favorite among enterprises and developers as there are currently more than 250 projects being built on the network, the company announced in a blog post on January 21, 2019. Developers Flock to EOS Following Latest Update...
In the blockchain and development ecosystem there remains one large debate around which project can deliver the most efficient and subsequently effective development framework for smart contracts. Smart contracts, otherwise known as virtualized agreements between multiple parties, are the backbone of decentralized applications (dApps) essentially serving as the bridge that...
EOS, dubbed by many to be the “Ethereum Killer” is arguably Vitalik Buterin’s creation the main rival in the cryptocurrency, distributed ledger, and blockchain sector. EOS is one of the fastest growing cryptocurrencies of all time, boasting a quicker logarithmic growth rate than both ether or bitcoin. This past May...
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