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Accounting giant Ernst & Young (EY) on April 16, 2019, announced its private transaction blockchain protocol called "Nightfall" on the public Ethereum network. Taking the Road Less Traveled Although blockchain technology is still very much in its infancy, companies the world over are not shy to use it in innovative...
On April 9, 2019, Parity Technologies’ UX lead Thibaut Sardan announced the beta launch of the company’s light client. Instead of downloading the entire Ethereum blockchain, Fether offers users a much quicker experience by relying on full nodes rather than direct interaction with the blockchain. The desktop wallet is still...
Liechtenstein-based private bank Bank Frick and Bitcoin Suisse have launched an active BTC-ETH tracker certificate that is available in traditional equity format and an ERC-20 token targeted at professional investors, this according to an official press release April 9, 2019. A New Crypto Tracker The BTC-ETH tracker, which tracks the...
On April 2, 2019, blockchain project Golem introduced a new documentation platform that would vastly help lower the barriers of entry for people looking to get into the project. Razing the Entry Barriers Golem is a blockchain-powered project that allows users to monetize their idle CPU and GPU power in...
April 2, 2019 by at News
According to April 1, 2019, report by Binance Research, a number of design flaws have been discovered in predictions-market platform Augur that can easily be exploited by malicious persons to defraud genuine users out of their staked tokens. The report posits that low volumes have made the Ethereum-based decentralized predictions...
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