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February 19-20, 2019

# EVM News

Initially launched in 2015, Truffle promises to solve a number of key problems experienced by Ethereum developers in the course of building decentralized applications using smart contracts. Functioning with support from development leader ConsenSys, Truffle potentially holds the key to making Ethereum development simple and accessible to a new wave...
November 3, 2018 by at Blockchain, Ethereum, News, Platform, Tech
Zeppelin Solutions has launched their ZeppelinOS 2.0 software update, introducing four major improvements to their original system launched in May 2018, the company announced in a blog post on November 1, 2018. Better Smart Contract Experience The company that has made unfixable Ethereum smart contracts errors a thing of the...
Blockchain startup Skale Labs raised nearly $10 million to develop a blockchain scalability infrastructure for the Ethereum network, the company announced in a press release on October 4, 2018.  Skale Labs Aims for Better Blockchain Infrastructure Skale Labs, a San Francisco-based decentralized app (dApp) startup, has raised $9.65 million in...
August 1, 2018 by at Blockchain, Ethereum, News
Security has been a key issue for developers around the globe, especially those in the cryptocurrency and blockchain realms. They are constantly engaged in a battle against hackers to prevent data breaches of confidential user information. The widespread rise of IoT devices makes for easy targets for attackers. Any device...
April 14, 2017 by at Altcoins, Blockchain, Interviews, News
Qtum is a new project which can be described as a hybrid of Bitcoin and Ethereum with a focus on mobile and business applications. Qtum puts the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) on top of the Bitcoin UTXO model and joins the two with something called an Account Abstraction Layer. This...
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