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# facebook News

Facebook has announced plans to discontinue its peer-to-peer payments service which enabled users of its Messenger app resident in the UK and France to send money to friends and family seamlessly. The discontinuation of the service is in line with its plans to launch its blockchain-based stablecoin called Facebook Coin,...
April 12, 2019 by at Cybersecurity, News, Tech
A survey by Pew Research Center conducted from January 8, 2019, to February 7, 2019, posits that despite the spike in controversies over data privacy, fake news, and censorship on social media, the number of U.S. adults who engage in social media websites has remained relatively stable since early 2018....
UpGuard, a platform focused on helping vendor management teams mitigate cyber risks, has released a report on April 3, 2019, revealing how it found millions of Facebook users’ personal information on two insecure third-party servers exposed to the public Internet. Facebook Still Leaking Peoples’ Data The UpGuard Cyber Risk team...
Bing has revealed the removal of about 5 million cryptocurrency-related adverts from its platform in 2018. This number, however, constitutes a minor percentage of the total banned ads by the Microsoft-owned search engine throughout the year. This according to an official report released by Bing, March 25, 2019. Less Than...
The rumor that Facebook is planning to enter crypto space is now an open secret; all indications point to the tech giant launching their crypto coin very soon. The company is rumored to be working with Telegram and Signal to start a digital currency for its WhatsApp service. Introduction According...
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