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February 19-20, 2019

# FinCEN News

Over the past several weeks, the U.S. State of Wyoming “Utility Token" bill, formally called the Wyoming House Bill 70 (HB70), and other crypto-focused measures have been in the news. Wyoming state legislature passed the HB70 in early March 2018. The Difference of Opinion Attracts Crypto Business to the Cowboy...
In a sign that the crypto sector is beginning to focus on staying on the right side of the authorities, the United States-based operations of the Huobi cryptocurrency exchange has registered in the category of being a ‘money services business’ with the US government. This announcement comes as they prepare...
December 15, 2015 by at News, Regulation
The North Carolina Commissioner of Banks has confirmed the applicability of the current Money Transmitters Act to digital currency-related businesses in the state, exempting selected Bitcoin and blockchain related businesses from regulation. “North Carolina has taken a leadership role in state-level virtual currency debates and is setting an example to...
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