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February 23-24, 2019

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September 28, 2018 by at Bitcoin, Blockchain, Business, Finance, News
Swiss Financial Services Startup Seba Crypto AG, is looking to create a bank that offers cryptocurrency services to corporations while providing traditional banking services to the emerging cryptocurrency and blockchain industry, reported Reuters on September 27, 2018. The Swiss startup recently raised $103 million by some international investors including Black River...
September 20, 2018 by at Exchange, Finance, Investment, News, Tech
Stripe, the San Francisco based company that became the first major online payments platform to accept Bitcoin has ditched the token due to its high volatility. However, its co-founder John Collison still sees future for cryptocurrencies, Recode reported on September 17. Giving up on Bitcoin For years, Stripe has been...
Changpeng Zhao, The CEO of Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange recently shared his ideas about the future of Binance, the blockchain, and decentralization with Fortune. Since the blockchain rally last year, markets saw a scramble for the adoption of the emerging technology and a subsequent rise in charlatans. There...
In traditional markets, policymakers began aggressively ousting anticompetitive economic behavior following the rise of John D. Rockefeller and Standard Oil at the turn of the 20th century. Some of these displays have been made highly public, while others have slipped under the radar. Others, however, have toppled entire economies. Nonetheless,...
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