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# Gibraltar News

April 10, 2019 by at Adoption, Business, Exchange, Finance, News
Blockchain-backed securities have found a new home on the Gibraltar Stock Exchange as the management of the GSX announced on April 9, 2019, that they will be listed on the GSX Global Market. Market Additions Blockchain has infiltrated various aspects of the financial world such as the sending of cross...
February 8, 2019 by at Adoption, Blockchain, News, Regulation
The Isle of Man has unveiled two initiatives that give significant focus to blockchain technology as part of the island’s "Digital Isle of Man" project, namely the establishment of a Blockchain Office and Blockchain Sandbox, this according to an article published February 5, 2019. Contender Situated between Great Britain and...
VP Capital and Larnabel Ventures, two information technology-focused venture firms in crypto-friendly Belarus have launched a platform that makes it possible for users to buy tokenized traditional assets such as gold, oil, shares of companies and more, using bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, reported Reuters on January 15, 2019.   Belarusians Now...
The Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX), a regulated cryptocurrency exchange from the stables of the Gibraltar Stock Exchange (GSX), has secured insurance coverage with Callaghan Insurance for all blockchain-based virtual currencies listed on its platform, according to a press release by the GBX on December 10, 2018. GBX Guards itself against...
October 23, 2018 by at Adoption, Blockchain, Business, News, Regulation
The Government of Gibraltar recently launched the New Technologies in Education (NTiE) Advisory Group, a group responsible for addressing the growing demand for skills in the emerging technology sector. According to the Gibraltar Chronicle’s article published on October 19, 2018, one of their focus areas is to create educational material...
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