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# gift cards News

In a significant development on July 25, 2018, influential cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase rolled out a “gift card” feature for its European, British, and Austrailian clientele. Customers can now purchase various gift cards via supported cryptocurrencies. Bringing Cryptocurrencies to the Masses As stated in an official announcement, Coinbase has partnered with...
June 11, 2016 by at News
How many gift cards to restaurants, retail outlets and online shops are sitting in people’s wallets or drawers, unused and creaking slowly toward an expiration date death? It’s possible no one will ever know that actual number. However, according to Charlie Peretich of, the amount of funds tied up in...
February 11, 2016 by at Press Releases
  DECENTRAL TO LAUNCH BITCOIN CARDS AT RETAILERS NATIONWIDE Decentral, Canada’s leading hub for disruptive and decentralized technologies, is excited to announce the nationwide launch of a new product that will enable Canadians from coast to coast to purchase bitcoin from local retail stores. Decentral Bitcoin Cards are the first...
October 2, 2015 by at Business, News
ChangeTip, a bitcoin tipping service that enables anyone to tip anyone else with bitcoin, has partnered with Gyft, a digital gift card platform, to allow users in the United States to withdraw their tips in gift cards. With the partnership, ChangeTip users can now withdraw their accumulated tips to gift...
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