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# Google News

May 9, 2019 by at News
At a time when people are becoming increasingly interested in knowing how social media platforms and other firms handle their personal data, Google CEO, Sundar Pichai has revealed that though the search engine giant uses people’s data to give them the best experience, they still put in much efforts to...
Blockchain project Qtum on May 2, 2019, announced its integration with Google’s Cloud Platform. With this, Qtum developers can now develop enterprise-grade decentralized applications and smart contracts on Google’s Cloud Platform. Developing on Qtum Blockchain Made Easy with Google Qtum, a Proof of Stake (PoS) protocol-based blockchain project, offers an...
Google has announced its plan to add an auto-delete option for location history and web activity information on its blog, May 01, 2019. This comes as an acknowledgment to the rising demands for data privacy from its users. Deletion Every Three to 18 Months Google has had a poor history...
April 19, 2019 by at Business, News, Tech
Jonathan Nightingale, a tech professional who formerly worked at Mozilla, has made detailed allegations that technology giant Google has been sabotaging Firefox, Mozilla’s browser. Nightingale claims Google has been acting in this manner for years in order to provide Google Chrome with an advantage. The Intricate Relationship The connection between...
Bing has revealed the removal of about 5 million cryptocurrency-related adverts from its platform in 2018. This number, however, constitutes a minor percentage of the total banned ads by the Microsoft-owned search engine throughout the year. This according to an official report released by Bing, March 25, 2019. Less Than...
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