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# GPU News

The crash in the price of bitcoin and other cryptoassets has taken a heavy toll on NVIDIA, a U.S.-based leading manufacturer of cryptocurrency mining graphics processing units (GPUs), as the firm is now being targeted by class action lawsuits filed by the Schall Law Firm, a securities fraud specialist and...
On November 14, 2018, quantitative trading firm Susquehanna published a report on the state of the digital currency mining sector. More specifically, the report focused on the Ethereum network and its steep decline in profitability. No Profitable GPU Mining on the Ethereum Network According to the report, Susquehanna found that...
Mining the cryptocurrency ether (ETH) using high-powered computer systems is no longer profitable, stated a CNBC report on November 13, 2018. Individual Mining no Longer Profitable If a recent report by CNBC is to be believed, cryptocurrency’s gold mining days might be a story of the past, as the activity is no...
October 26, 2018 by at Altcoins, Bitcoin, Mining, News, Platform, Tech
According to its quarterly financial results report, the American semiconductor manufacturer company AMD had almost negligible sales of blockchain-related graphics processing units in Q3 of 2018. The financial report was published on October 24, 2018. Financial Figures in the Report Per the report, AMD’s revenue for Q3 of 2018 rose...
August 5, 2018 by at Cryptocyclopedia, News
Over the last one year, the public interest in cryptocurrencies and related offerings has grown manifold. Irrespective of the falling prices, enthusiasm, and curiosity for digital assets continues to  persist While a majority of individuals are more interested in investing, few move towards other operational activities, mining being one of...
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