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The Blockchain Innovation & Investment Summit (BII SUMMIT)  •  
March 20, 2019

# Great Britain News

February 8, 2019 by at Adoption, Blockchain, News, Regulation
The Isle of Man has unveiled two initiatives that give significant focus to blockchain technology as part of the island’s "Digital Isle of Man" project, namely the establishment of a Blockchain Office and Blockchain Sandbox, this according to an article published February 5, 2019. Contender Situated between Great Britain and...
January 24, 2019 by at News
The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has started consultations with the UK's cryptocurrency market participants to find out the exact digital assets that need to be regulated and the best way to regulate them so as not to stifle innovation while also adequately protecting consumers from the risks, according to consultation...
June 24, 2016 by at Bitcoin, Commentary, News
Britain has become the first-ever country to leave the European Union after referendum results showed this morning that the "Leave" campaign trumped with 51.5 percent of the popular vote. In terms of economics, what this means for Britons, and indeed for the rest of the E.U. and the world, will...
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