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NEO DevCon 2019  •  
February 16-17, 2019

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June 4, 2018 by at Bitcoin, Commentary, News, Tech
BTCManager has been following Mathbot for a while now, and we are reposting this Medium entry by Anders Kargaard to raise awareness of Mathbot, which is using bitcoin in a unique way to promote education. We are used to hearing stories about established men from the legacy system telling us...
In this guest post, Rob Viglione, Co-founder of ZenCash, explains the concept of super nodes and how they can be beneficial to a blockchain network. In a 1951 interview, notorious American bank robber Willie Sutton was asked why he robbed banks. His response: “Because that’s where the money is.” It’s...
In this guest post, Education Ecosystem's Simon Kariuki examines the effect of the emerging ICO market on employment trends in the U.S. tech sector. In 2017, Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) in the U.S. alone raised an incredible $4 billion through the sale of digital tokens. New cloud storage provider, Storj,...
Alejandro de la Torre, VP of Business Operations at, the leading digital platform for cryptocurrency users, miners and developers explains the recent Bitcoin Cash hard fork in this guest post. You can follow him on Twitter: @bitentrepreneur. It was another hard fork day on May 15! Bitcoin Cash is...
April 23, 2018 by at Altcoins, Commentary, News
In this guest post, Ben Rodriguez and ‘thatmanontheright’ from the Vertcoin team outline their views on the Monero hard fork and the importance of ASIC resistance. Recently, there has been a lot of attention on ASICs and ASIC resistance. With the advent of ASICs for the Ethereum network, some coins...
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